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Software you can install on any cloud or private data center. Includes all Redis Enterprise’s advance capabilities. Downloadable software, in containers, on Pivotal CF, OpenShift or as AWS AMI. Price per shard. 30 DAY FREE TRIAL!
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1. Setup Your Cluster

Follow simple steps to download and install Redis Enterprise in the environment of your choice. Configure your shared server cluster environment.

2. Create Database(s)

You can create and configure multiple Redis databases on the same node cluster.Each database instance uses a single processing core, maximizing the utilization of your hardware.

3. Monitor Your Database(s)

Connect to your databases, scale them up or down by simply re-sharding. Rebalance your database instances if throughput or latency metrics call for it. Set up Active- Active or Active-Passive replicas, add additional nodes for greater capacity.


  • Active-Active Geographic Distribution with CRDTs

    Achieve local latencies and global availability with reads and writes in multiple geographic regions to the same dataset. CRDTs provide automatic and intelligent conflict resolution, simplifying development and operation of globally distributed applications.

  • Built in High Performance Search

    Rapid fire simultaneous indexing and search provides 5x speedier results than standard search technologies. Text, numeric and geospatial searches with filtering, stemming and autocomplete power secondary indexing from any other DBMS.

  • Integrated and Custom Modules

    Extend Redis databases to an infinite variety of uses with built-in enterprise modules or your own custom modules. Redis Enterprise extends cluster coordination and availability advantages to the modules in the platform.

  • Seamless scalability

    Grow your dataset beyond the largest node in the cluster and process it by any number of CPU cores, while choosing your own sharding policy. Scale your dataset dynamically, and without downtime, by simply changing the memory limit setting or increasing the number of shards with the click of a button.

  • Significant cost savings

    For datasets larger than 100GB, running Redis on Flash delivers high throughput with the same sub-millisecond latencies of Redis on RAM, while cutting the cost of your cloud resources by over 80%.

  • True High Availability with Continuous Replication

    Achieve continuous in-memory replication and instant automatic failover across racks/zones/datacenters with the click of a button. Protect your Redis datasets with UI, CLI or API-enabled replication, persistence, backups and disaster recovery.

  • Encryption & authentication

    Meet your security goals without compromising performance, with Redis Enterprise’s fully encrypted SSL connections, and apply multi-level authentication mechanisms, including:

    • IP whitelist
    • Security groups (on AWS)
    • Client-based SSL authentication
    • Redis password
  • Hybrid deployment and geo-region replication

    Efficiently replicate Redis databases across Redis Enterprise deployments in different regions or between on-premises and cloud deployments, with built-in compression, diskless replication and WAN optimization technologies. Create multi-region, multi-cloud or hybrid (on-premises and cloud) Redis Enterprise deployments that accelerate your applications and require zero time to DR.

  • Predictable High Performance

    Gain top-notch performance even in intensive disk-access scenarios with Redis Enterprise enhancements such as maximizing command pipelining, maintaining optimal persistent connections to every shard of your databases, and utilizing multiple CPU cores. Real-time shard migration isolates high-load databases from other databases running on the same node.

  • Cluster Automation

    Automate day to day maintenance tasks such as database scaling, data-persistence tuning, auto-failover, re-sharding, shards migration and rebalancing needs.

  • In-depth Monitoring and Management UI

    Simplify operations with Redis Enterprise software’s intuitive user interface (UI) to set up, configure and monitor the cluster and each database. Redis Enterprise provides configurable threshold-based alerts for over twenty important Redis metrics and integration with third-party monitoring tools such as Nagios.

  • 24/7 Support From Redis Experts

    Enjoy our premium 24/7 support with a support subscription, via the Redis Labs’ online or phone helpdesk. Reap benefits from the tremendous operational expertise of the team that develops and maintains open source Redis and the professionals who manage hundreds of thousands of Redis databases daily.